Here is a list of several fields of application for aerial photography and videography for which you may need our drone services

Fields of application

SKYARMY.PRO provides its customers with a multirotor drone equipped with a digital and HD (High Definition) video camera to let them perform a wide range of aerial photography work. We also offer video and photo editing services. We handle all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Concept creation
  • Script writing
  • On-camera talent casting
  • Location scouting
  • HD videography
  • Aerial videography
  • Video editing
  • YouTube live broadcasting
Without question, safety is our number-one priority. We believe in being ambassadors of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety. We take industry-leading steps to minimize risk and are extremely proud of our perfect safety record. Before every flight, we conduct a 30-point pre-flight inspection of our aerial vehicles and walk the entire flight area to check for any hazards such as trees, wires, obstructions or extremelly wind. For indoor flights, only the pilot and safety briefed crew members are allowed in the space being filmed. We reserve the right to refuse a mission based on safety concerns.

Realtors and prestige estate

Realtors and prestige estate Aerial photos are NOT just for million-dollar properties anymore. Give your potential buyers an eyeful without breaking the bank. Aerial videos provide a very unique way of not only displaying the property from a unique angle, it also allows you to show the location in proximity to other important building, landmarks, and highways thus adding more value to the listing. Important information about the commercial estate such as square footage, existing contracts, income, and other important information can also be creatively displayed along side the video. The neighbors will be blown away by this simple initiative!

Cinema and short films

Cinema and short filmsWhether you may have a screenplay or not, our drones have all the required equipments to record stunning aerial footage that will drastically increase the artistic and commercial value of your cinematic blockbusters.

Boats and watercrafts

Boats and watercrafts With its high maneuverability, our drone can fly in at low altitude over water. Whether it is for aerial videos or photos of cruise ships, pleasure crafts, aquatic activities or water sports, every option is at your fingertips.

Television and commercials

Television and commercialsBroadcast or simply shared on social networks, freshen up your project with the unique perspective offered by aerial images to catch your audience’s attention. Show them the action from a surreal and simply breathtaking angle.

Music videos and clips

Music videos and clipsPut your artist under the spotlight by adding aerial footage to his/her music video. With a conceptual scripted clip, make the best use of your creativity with this cost-worthy, innovative and limitless video making tool.

Special events

Special events Obstacle races, outdoor festivities, shows, gatherings, grand openings or parades, impress your clients by presenting them with aerials of your event that only big-budget event productions could formerly afford.

Weddings and celebrations

Weddings and celebrations Make a grand exit with aerial souvenirs of the church, of the bridal bouquet toss and of the limo departure after the ceremony. Those are just a few of the possibilities available to you on this truly precious and memorable day.

Sporting events

Sporting events Land or sea, we can provide stunning video for surfing, fishing tournaments, document your private boat in the the open ocean, golf venues, and any other outdoor sporting events. Our drone can track athletes in their sporting prowess and bring you back formerly unobtainable images.

Golf course tours

Golf course tours From the tee off to the green of each and every one of your holes, introduce the splendor of your golf course from the sky to all golf players. Take a round swing at promotional images that only few golf clubs can really brag about.

Tourism and resorts

Tourism and resorts Show off your facilities and attract tourists from all around the world. Aerial videos and photos are the ideal tools to promote a trendy destination, a hotel, a resort, a tourist area or even to put a town on the map.

Natural areas and sites

Natural areas and sites Take the easy path to aerial overflights and surveys of forests, landfills, farms, quarries or dams. Various applications in the field of agriculture, archaeology, mining, hydroelectricity, petrochemical and oil industry, etc.

Immersive panoramas

Immersive panoramas Our expertise in photography allows us to render up to 360° immersive and interactive panoramas. Present a location from an aerial perspective like no one else can do and from a vantage point where no other camera can go.

Automotive racing

Automotive racing Although it might be unable to keep up with a car going at high speeds, our drone is able to capture extremely dynamic images of races, motocross jumps and demonstrations, demolition derbies, drift sessions, etc.

Media and news coverage

Media and news coverage An event shakes up the world? Are you a journalist preparing a report on a breaking news? Make sure to hit the headlines with a set of aerial images that will most definitely capture your audience’s attention.

Infrastructure inspections

Infrastructure inspections Our cameras can easily and effectively inspect hard-to-reach places. Make quick inspections of roofs, bridges, ventilation systems and structures of all kinds without the need for any additionnal human resources. SKYARMY is a cost effective way to inspect wind turbines and solar panels. SKYARMY’s Aerial Service utilizes a high-definition camera to get close-up imagery of each turbine blade and check solar panels to ensure there are no cracks or unwanted blemishes. Aerial inspection is the best way to be mobile, save money, and get a detailed analysis of each turbine blade or solar panel.

Construction sites

Construction sites Monitor your construction site from a bird’s eye view. Keep track of the progress of the work on a real estate project or on various infrastructures. Fill in your archives with the images captured through our flying cameras. We provides high resolution imagery to construction firms, developers, and project managers for the purpose of supplementing monthly progress reports with aerial photographs, stop-motion imagery, and/or high definition video footage.

Power line inspections

Power line inspections The visual inspection of high voltage power lines using full-size helicopters is common practice. Take advantage of the benefits a drone brings to this field of expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.